Sandra Chane is currently a High School Senior who has accepted to attend UCLA in the Fall of 2022! (Pre-med/Bio).  Sandra started with College Ready at the end of her Freshman year.  She got into 10 or of 12 colleges she applied to!  Sandra shares what it takes to have a successful college application season.

In this episode, Shellee and Interview discuss:

  • Three things about yourself 
  • Anticipating their concerns 
  • Asking genuine questions 
  • Backing up your claims 

Key Takeaways:

  • Think about three things that you want the interviewer to know about you by the end of the interview. Think about your core values, accomplishments, gifts and talents. 
  • Anticipate what would be the interviewer’s concern and answer it before it even becomes a concern. 
  • Ask a genuine question, don’t worry about whether they’ll be able to answer it or not – what’s important is that you’re showing an interest in that area. Also, read the school newspaper and discuss or ask about  some issues or hot topics from there. 
  • When letting them know who you are, back up your claims with some proof. Instead of saying you’re patient, say “my friends/siblings would say that I’m patient” or you could tell an instance where you showed that value. 

“If you do not share, they will not know.” —  Shellee Howard


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