Sadok Cervantes is a thought leader in the world of student entrepreneurship and leadership.  He pairs students all over the nation with working entrepreneurs who help them create and launch a product.  Mentorship and teamwork is the key to his programs success.

In this episode, Shellee and Sadok discuss:

  • Beyond campus preparation – how to prepare for life
  • Why is grit important? 
  • Learning entrepreneurship from experts 
  • Teamwork makes the dream work  

Key Takeaways:

  • Seek training that doesn’t only prepare you for in-campus challenges, but also for the real life outside of it. 
  • Grit is so much more important to take into the real world than grades or academic achievements. Academic achievements may get you hired but grit will let you strive better in your job. 
  • Entrepreneurship is a career path that requires a guided experience. Experiencing building and managing a business from experts who’ve been there is better than just studying it academically. 
  • Teamwork really makes the dream work. In fact, without a team or without other people, it’s very unlikely that your business, or any other important project, will succeed. 

“No one in the history of the world has launched something important alone… to this point every student that has entered in that solo entrepreneurship model has dropped.” —  Sadok Cervantes

About Sadok Cervantes: He is one of FastCompany’s “Most Innovative People”. He received the Best Mobile Innovation award during the Mobile World Congress in 2020. He has led Product teams for iconic brands such as Wikipedia, Lufthansa, Allianz, TripAdvisor, and The MIT Media Lab, increasing their success metrics and user satisfaction through user research, user testing, branding, visual design, prototyping, A/B testing, and coding. Sadok also serves as an Instructor, Mentor, and Career Coach at several schools like the Interaction Design Foundation, DesignLab, CareerFoundry, and Springboard, where he has helped hundreds of students to be successful in the tech industry. He has shared his experience, knowledge, and ideas in speaking events like TEDx and conferences in Australia, USA, Mexico, Austria, and online.


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