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Where To Start- Don’t Kid Yourself. Put In The Time Now!

So many people don’t know where to start this process. I’ve had families call me up stressed out and overwhelmed, feeling defeated before they even start. Starting early and focusing on this over time is the key to success. You do not want to procrastinate on this. You don’t want to apply to college and figure out what you’re going to do to pay for it after somebody gets in.

Planning and strategizing is very important for the student’s success, and starting early will keep them from having problems on their application. You, the parents, can help your child go through the application process. I even have grandparents that help with this process! You are their support, you are their guidance. The problem is you may not know what colleges are looking for, so we work with the entire family to make sure everybody understands the importance.

How should the student spend their time? How many AP’s or IB’s, or dual enrollment? How many test scores should they have? What type of Passion with Purpose project? It’s not the students’ plan: It’s the tribe’s plan. That’s how I talk about it when it comes to how the family can support. If a family wants to just hand it off and say, “Hey, I just want to give them hugs”, we’ve got you. If a family says “I want to be involved”, if a parent does, we support it.

The important thing is that the student feels supported by everybody, including you, the parent. It is so important to start with the end in mind. Many people will say “My first child, they’re not even using their college degree!” and I often ask well, what did they want to do? The problem is they didn’t know, so when they got to college they just bounced around.

At College Ready, we do it differently. We start with the end in mind. I know they’re only 16, 17, and 18, but I will tell you that with my own children, when we focus on what they want to do, what lifestyle they want to have, what career that goes, what major goes to that career, and you reverse engineer it, now it’s easy. Now it’s just pieces to a puzzle. Starting with the end in mind is the quickest way to get through college and graduate debt free.

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