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What If I Want To Shoot For The Very Best Colleges?

Welcome back to the College Ready video series. In today’s video, Shellee Howard reminds you that students must stand out, and how test scores and GPAs alone will not allow them to compete with their peers.

If you are shooting to get in to and attend the very best colleges, you will need to start planning and strategizing as soon as possible. The sooner you start, the less mistakes can be made. Remember, colleges at the top tier have around a 3% acceptance rate. How will your student stand out? Somebody else is going to have a higher GPA, a lower GPA, a higher test score, a lower test score. If you want to get into the very best schools, you have to be ready to compete with the best.

The top tier schools are looking for your student. If they have the GPA with rigor, if they have the test score necessary for that school, if they have a Passion with Purpose project and a standout strategy, if they know who they are and why it matters, and they can prove that to the university, absolutely anything is possible. It is critically important that your student has a standout strategy, because when application readers are looking at their essays and their application, if it has the exact same things that their friends, their counterparts or other students have, they will not get selected. Having something that will “Wow” the admissions reader is critical to their success.

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