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One Critical Call For Your Student’s College Future

Welcome back to the College Ready video series. In this video, Shellee Howard explains why hiring a certified college program is critical in college planning, and the benefits of being able to give your student a competitive advantage while enjoying their senior year.

Getting help with college planning is critical, and I’ll tell you, it will cost you in time or money if you don’t. I often help people understand it like this: you could do your own taxes, or you could hire a CPA. You could do college planning, but you’re probably going to go into massive debt. Why? Because students don’t know how to do this- nobody is going to guide them through this.

If you don’t hire College ready, what will you do? Will you spend time on top of your full-time career? And if so, will your child even listen to your advice?
Getting support for your family and understanding how to get through this is so important to the success and the launch of that student. Doing this alone equals mistakes- costly in time and money. Doing this with a certified college program will save you from the overwhelm, the misunderstanding, and ultimately save you tens of thousands of dollars.

Getting you that return on investment all while enjoying your students senior year is the benefit of working with college ready! Enjoy the process, it can be fun and it can be successful with our help. You could do this on your own- but where would you get the data, would you google it? That’s a bit scary. The numbers that we use to guide our students give them a competitive advantage.

How would you know what essays your student needs to write and what topics they should talk about? How would you know what test scores they need to be successful, or how would you guide them through a standout strategy? These are all things that we do, we specialize in, and we’re successful at. We want your family to be successful. We want your student to really enjoy these years before they had off on their own. Working with college ready, we’ll save you time, money, and frustration and ultimately launch your student into success.

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Yes, College Ready has a plan for your family! Watch this video now.

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