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Shellee and Jeff discuss:

  • No nonsense tips for getting kids ready for college,
  • Jeff’s experience with his three sons
  •  Prepping your children and preparing them for life after in college

Jeff’s Bio:

‘I am the father of three boys and a well-known commentator in the world of American parenting. His most recent work, “Four Lessons from My Three Sons – How You Can Raise a Resilient Kid: Second Edition” details how he helped guide his sons through childhood and adolescence to the U.S. Naval Academy, Williams College, and West Point. Four Lessons spent four months on the top-20 Amazon’s Parenting Best Sellers list and was the subject of feature stories on National Public Radio and in dozens of parenting publications, including Parents Magazine, Fatherly, Young Teen Magazine, The Good Men Project, Fatherhood and Let Grow. Currently a senior public affairs executive in Washington D.C., Nelligan formerly worked for three Members of the U.S. Congress and served twice as a Presidential appointee. An Army Reserve veteran, he is a of Polynesian ancestry (Māori Indian, New Zealand) and a graduate of Williams College, Georgetown University Law School, and the French Army Brevet Commando School.’


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