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In this episode, Shellee, Natalie, and Alison discuss: 

  • Getting rid of the noise
  • The importance of values to teenagers 
  • Choosing the learning modality that works best for your teen
  • Setting priorities and practicing self-care


Key Takeaways: 

  • Get rid of the noise – take the time to reflect on who you were before the pandemic and what changed during it, then assess your skill sets. Skills can become invaluable tools in chaos when they’re identified in the calm time.
  • In spite of anything life throws your way, if you follow your values and know what drives and lights you up, you’ll remain motivated and regain your self-identity.
  • Choosing online schooling is fine, but it’s always about finding what works for your teen and something that won’t deprive your teen of social interaction and opportunity at some point in the future. Plan ahead to determine what your teens’ ultimate goals are and take steps to reach them.
  • Make time for yourself by setting priorities and only doing what you’re passionate about – having a lot of gifts or being good at a lot of things is not worth it if they don’t bring you joy or aren’t rewarding for you, and you feel overwhelmed.


“It is worth your time and energy to explore and figure out your skill sets before you jump into a very expensive four to six years, depending on what your path is.” —  Alison Grant


“If we don’t have an answer about how it lights them up… then it may not be the thing that they should be doing.” —  Natalie Borrell



About Natalie Borrell: Natalie is the founder of Life Success for Teens. She has been an Academic Life Coach and School Psychologist for 15 years and enjoys working with students who work hard but still struggle, students who need a confidence boost, and students who are unsure of their next steps after high school.


About Alison Grant: Alison is a family consumer Science teacher in her 20th year. She decided to pursue a Master’s degree in Administration as well as school counseling in order to help explore a teen’s ability to grow as a student in order to achieve their personal and academic best. She enjoys helping students in discovering their strengths and passions, as well as preparing teenagers for their next step in life by exploring and planning career and college options.


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Show notes by Podcastologist: Angelica Rayco.


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