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In this episode, Shellee and Momi discuss:

  • Balancing studies and sports
  • You can’t force your child to do something they don’t want to do
  • Debt-free college strategies for your child
  • Monitoring your child’s college preparation time is crucial


Key Takeaways: 

  • Getting into college is all about finding balance, and a child who is into sports finds it easy to transition into college because sports make him/her disciplined, self-motivated, and aware of how much time they have to get things done.
  • Trying to enforce something on your child is not going to work because when their heart isn’t in it, they don’t have the passion. Let them learn new skills and make decisions on their own at times.
  • In the event that you own a house, you will likely have a lot of equity, which you can use to help pay for college by taking out a cash-out refinance. And if you are 62 years of age or older, a reverse mortgage gives you the option of having your mortgage paid off or not at that point in time and giving your grandchild some money to go to college.
  • Monitoring how much time your child spends studying is important, as well as getting ready for PSAT and PACT.


“My goal is always to make sure that it makes sense for you and your family and fits within your budget now and within your budget for your financial future because we still want to make sure that we’re saving enough money for retirement, we still want to make sure that we are building equity in our home because again, real estate’s a great wealth builder. So I always want to make sure that it fits into your financial future.”  —  Momi Pointer


About Momi Pointer: Momi is a Trusted Mortgage Advisor at Arbor Financial Group. She has lived in Orange County since 1997 and has been a sales professional her entire life and started in the mortgage industry upon moving to Orange County. She considers herself a multi-faceted individual who knows how to build relationships, connect businesses and accomplish goals. 

Momi has two daughters that are actually enrolled with College Ready. 



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