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The three soft skills your teen needs after high school and how parents can help them learn them.

1) Owning their results
2) Rewriting their stories
3) Taming their emotions

When a teen can do this, I call it going from sidekick to hero. In the classic hero’s journey, the hero is the only character in the story that has the power to change the ending.

Parents can help teens learn these skills by following the three Mentor Rules:

1) The Yoda Rule – let go of their results
2) The Dumbledore Rule – let them figure it out
3) The Haymitch Rule – have clear and consistent boundaries

Joey Mascio is a certified life coach who helps teens build self-confidence, manage their emotions, and achieve their goals. He has a Master’s in Education and a background as a professional comedian and stage performer, including being a character actor at the Disneyland Resort. During his seven years as a middle school teacher, he volunteered to be the teacher in the discipline office. His principal thought he was crazy (and she was right, but for different reasons). That’s where he started coaching teens on confidence, emotions, and goals. He started his own private coaching practice in 2020 and now runs that full time. He is the creator of the new gamified mindset training app for teens, Sidekick to Hero.

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