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Shellee and Jesse discuss:

– Find something you wake up excited about
– Using your platform to make a difference in others lives
– Parents your job is to prepare them for their future by allowing them to fail and learn

About Jesse:

Jesse LeBeau is one of today’s most highly sought-after youth motivational speakers and teen coaches. His unlikely underdog story has inspired over one million teenager through his live speaking events, best-selling books and programs for teens and parents. He is one of the world’s premiere basketball trick artists which allowed him to dribble his way onto the Hollywood big screen and star in commercials for Kobe Bryant, be in a movie with Kevin Durant and he even spent a day being hand fed cheeseburgers by supermodel Heidi Klum. Jesse is regularly featured on TV, film, and international tours. Jesse’s new reality series ‘The LeBeau Show’ allows viewers the chance to follow him around the country and see firsthand the major impact he is having on youth, particularly teens who are struggling.

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