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Shellee and Gwenyth discuss:

– Every time technology invents a new way of communicating, the experience of human communication changes.
– A new app- carrotsandcake is a parental control app for kids 3-12 that allows parents to control the content their kids engage in. Learn on the app then they can play.
– To get College Ready, students need to develop healthy habits when it comes to digital media.

About Gwenyth:

For over 25 years Dr. Jackaway was a member of the faculty at Fordham University, in the Department of Communication and Media Studies. Her research and teaching has long focused on the ways in which technological innovation in communication impacts our relationships with ourselves, each other, and our understanding of the world around us. As a long-time mindfulness meditation practitioner, she is especially interested in the ways in which the rapidly changing digital environment is transforming our experience of being human. After leaving the college classroom to make a bigger difference, Gwenyth earned certifications as a Mindfulness Meditation Instructor through Tibet House in NYC, and as a Digital Wellness Educator through the Digital Wellness Institute. She is thrilled to bring together her two passions — mindfulness and media — to offer students, teachers and parents simple, behavioral strategies for practicing intentional attention in the midst of digital distraction.

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