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Can we get free money for college?

In this video, Shellee Howard answers the important question, “Can we get free money for college?”

Many people ask me: How did your son get into Harvard, and graduate debt-free? I tell them it’s the standout strategy- it IS possible. Having money is challenging if you’re going for need-based, but there is plenty of money in merit-based. So, please don’t be discouraged. We talk about return on investment, that is ultimately the business decision we’re talking about.

College Ready prides itself on helping families get very clear on will they have a high EFC, or a low EFC, and how will they know if they’ll get need or merit? We do all the heavy lifting so you reap the benefits and receive the big scholarships. There are key elements for the success of your student getting money. Planning and Strategy- two words that will make a huge difference financially for your family. Planning, in that you have a short window to complete the FAFSA. If you don’t complete the FAFSA, you’re not planning. Strategizing starts from the moment we start working with our students. Our students feel the support, therefore they lean in for the strategy and they’re willing to do the heavy lifting because now it’s their reward that they are after.

When I tell a student they can earn their own merit scholarship, you would be surprised how much harder they’re willing to work. Planning and Strategy is the key to being successful, and that’s what College Ready helps your student do. There is a formula that can help your student and enhance their chances of getting a scholarship.

Many people think they can’t- we help them understand they can. That’s the biggest challenge that many families face, they throw up their hands and they’re frustrated. We don’t. We help the student be the very best they can, and we help the family get their financial house in order. When you put that together that is where the huge scholarships happen, and that is the College Ready plan.

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