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Will a passion project get you into the best colleges?

In this video, Shellee Howard answers the question, “Will a passion project get you into the best colleges?”

A passion project CAN help you get into the best colleges. I truly believe that is why my oldest son, who got into Harvard and USC, had seven top tier schools who wanted him. Ultimately, it came down to his Passion with Purpose Project. I tell my families all community service is good, but can you write in the essay about it?

Using your passion, the essay gets better, but doing it with purpose and advocating to be a part of change in the world, that is where the big opportunities come from- 100% do I believe that the Passion with Purpose Project will help your student stand out. There are key elements to a successful passion project. What we first have to figure out are the students’ gifts, talents and passions. Then we have to look at their advocacy, all while keeping in mind their core values.

How does a 17-year-old do that on their own? Most of them won’t. College Ready students all complete a Passion with Purpose Project. It is the thing that sets our students apart, and that’s how we were able to receive the massive scholarships that our students got this past year. A passion project can convey to colleges that they are the candidate to be accepted. It will give them that competitive edge when they’re talking to a university in their interview. It will give them a competitive edge when they’re up against somebody with the same GPA and test score, and that passion with advocacy is what colleges are looking for. They’re looking for students to come on their campus and be the change they wish to see in the world. That is what will make that college experience successful.

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