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Can College Ready Help Your Child With Their College Applications?

When getting accepted to the schools of your choice and securing large scholarships and grants, the best results come when you, your son or daughter, and your College Ready admissions counselor are all fully aligned and in sync in the approach to the college application process. Watch this video to learn the particulars.

Is your high school student ready for college? Are you ready to lead them through the college application process? You have important choices to make when it comes to selecting your target schools and applying to them. You get to choose how you approach things. Let’s take a look at some of the decisions you’ll be making.

Will you be playing catch-up the whole time because you didn’t start the process with your son or daughter soon enough? The simple answer is to start right now regardless of what age they are or what grade they are in.

Are you letting your 17-year-old pick a college or university based on a favorite football or a basketball team? Or will you do the analysis to make sure that there’s an academic fit, a social fit and, of course, a financial fit for your family.

Will you allow your student to go into debt by taking out massive student loans, or do you know which schools are the most generous when it comes to granting aid and scholarships?

Do you want to do what everybody else is doing in their applications and college essays, or will your student have a strategy and plan that makes them a standout candidate for admission?

Will you be guessing at what colleges want to see this year or next in their admitted students? Or would you like inside knowledge on what they really are looking for in their student population?

We are happy to give you a free Discovery Call so you can answer all of those questions and make the best choice in how to proceed with the process. Please book a call for a time that’s convenient for you and your child, and let’s get started.

Students From College Ready Families Have Been Accepted At These Fine Colleges.

Your Student Can Too, And Often With Big Scholarships And Grants!

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Who do we accept as College Ready clients?

We believe in the value of hard work.

We do not take on every student. If we believe that we’re a good fit for your child and your family, and that you’ll do what it takes to get the acceptances and scholarships you are looking for, let’s discuss next steps. Our clients include:
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8th Grade and Above

At College Ready , we help students in the 8th grade and above.
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Performing Artists

Love to perform or create?? Use your talent in the arts to stand out.

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Music - Band or Orchestra

Talented students In Orchestra or Band (5.0 to 3.0 GPA)

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Home Schooled Students

We know about applying to college as a home schooled student.

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Exceptional & Gifted Students

Make the most of being a hardworking, talented, & gifted student.

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Financial Aid Seekers

We can assist you in getting grants, aid, and scholarships.

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Transfer Students

Don’t lose out on your credits when transferring in!

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Student Athletes for All Sports

All sports in Division I (D1), Division II (D2), and Division III (D3) schools.

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Students with Disabilities

Are you a student with accommodations? We can help.

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Students on the Spectrum

We work successfully with students on the autism spectrum.

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International Students

We know the ins and outs of coming to study as a foreign student.

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Study Abroad Students

Love to travel? We’ll help you find your dream study abroad program!

Featured Testimonial: “College Ready was a lifesaver for my family…”

client01 free img 1“Where do I even begin? College Ready was a lifesaver for my family. My daughter was so overwhelmed and stressed out. One afternoon when I picked my daughter up from school, she got in the car and broke down in tears. The pressure had gotten to her, and I knew it was time to seek help. I remember hearing Ms. Howard speak at her National Charity League Tea event, and I knew it was time to give her a call. She took the time to answer all my questions over the phone and when we met in person, I could see my daughter smile with relief. We hired College Ready that evening, and it was honestly the best decision I have made for my family. On top of that, my daughter got accepted into 11 colleges and received a significant amount of money! She will graduate debt free!” ~ Doreen L., Parent

College Application Consultants Get You On The Inside Track


“…So helpful they were to my son and our family. Our son was so empowered by his College Ready plan! His SAT score jumped 300 points, and his school grades improved.”

Stephanie A., Parent

“I thought I could do this process by myself until it came time to put my application together. I panicked, but Shellee Howard put together a plan that was achievable in just a short time.”

Noah A., Student

“The college I am attending was not on my list and yet it is the perfect fit for me. Because of their guidance, my mom and I did not argue about this process, and I enjoyed my last year at home.”

Sarah W., Student

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We Take Away The College Application Overwhelm And Get You Accepted By Your Target Colleges!

Our strategic plans for the College Application Process work! We are delighted to report that we've placed our students at over 166 colleges, often with big scholarships and grants. Credit, of course, always goes first to the hard-working students and their supportive families! We're proud to guide you through your college admission journey as part of your team.

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