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What If You Could Win Big Money Based On Test Scores?

Welcome back to the College Ready video series. This time, Shellee talks test scores and scholarships:

It IS possible to win big money based on your test scores. Many people want to believe that testing is now optional. Testing is optional if you don’t care about scholarships, and the school you’re applying to allows it. The important thing to think about when deciding which test you will take (the SAT or the ACT) is truly which one you will score the best on, which ultimately will get you better scholarships. So testing is not optional if you want a big scholarship. The key to getting big money for test scores is preparing.

I often talk about what it’s like for students to have to do this on their own. Getting into a book and figuring out how to prep all by themselves is asking a lot- having a test strategist teach them how to beat the test, that is how the big scores are won. The importance of preparing for the test before they show colleges their ability is critical, so we help our students with a diagnostic test before anybody sees a real score. That’s the importance of testing.

There are other important factors that you want to stay focused on. It is critical to know: are you better at the SAT or the ACT? If you don’t know you need a diagnostic test to help you know. In all reality just because a sibling, a parent or a friend did better on one test does not mean it’s going to be the best test for you. The important thing to think about when preparing is to know the score before you take the test. Take a practice test, beat that score. Now, you’re ready! We can help you understand what score you need and how to prep to get there.

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