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Empowered Teens – Mastering The Skills For College Success

  • 10 Skills Teens Need to Succeed, and what activities/programs can cultivate those skills
  • The Top 5 Summer Experiences You Need to Apply for Now
  • How to find an internship
  • How to find a research project

How to Send Your Teen To College Without Going Broke

  • How to avoid the ONE single mistake 91% of all parents make that costs them thousands
  • The shocking truth about 529 plans and how they can actually cost you MORE than can save you!
  • How to get money regardless of your income or asset level.

How Your Teen Should Plan Their Summer

  • Find out what colleges want to see you doing with your summer break
  • Learn where to find summer activities that matter

How to Create a College Stand Out Strategy

  • Learn what colleges love seeing on your college application and how to stand out

Top Mistakes When Choosing a College Major and Career

  • Learn how to find the best fit college major and career for you!

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