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Three Critical Mistakes Most People Make on Their College Application

Welcome back to the College Ready video series. In today’s video, Shellee Howard goes over three mistakes that many students make in the admissions process without professional guidance.

There are three critical mistakes that people make when completing the college application.

The first one is they are not detailed- they just put down whatever comes to mind first. An example would be with their description of activities, honors, and awards: they will list them randomly. They may put joining a club at High School as their “number 1”, and making Eagle Scout as their number 10. That is a huge problem, and helping them understand what colleges consider important, and starting with those, will absolutely make a difference in their success.

The second most important piece of completing the college application is to be mindful of answering every prompt, every question- don’t leave anything blank! Blank means the college will think you messed up, or forgot. Do not leave anything blank on your college application.

The third biggest mistake people make when completing their college applications is not being humble. We teach our students, our children: “Don’t brag, don’t boast. People don’t like it.” And now, I have to reteach them: Brag like your life depends on it!

This is where having a professional coach can be a game changer. We help bring out the best in the student. We don’t embellish, we don’t lie- we just take their words and help them see how amazing they are! Then they go confidently back to the application.

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