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These Two Critical Things Will Get You Way More Money

Welcome back to the College Ready video series. In this video, Shellee Howard talks money and college scholarships, and which areas to focus on.

There are certain things that will affect how much money you get in college scholarships. The important thing to remember is everybody’s competing to get in. The other piece most people don’t understand is that there’s money to be had if you stand out. I often help families think about it as if you are applying for a job. Would you have a small resume, and expect big money? Of course not. If you have a deep resume, a standout resume, that’s where the best scholarships come from. So the important thing to think about is how your student will stand out and get money for doing so.

Getting your financial house in order in the right amount of time is critical to your student’s success. What do I mean by this? As the student is working on their academic genius, their testing strategy, their standout Passion with Purpose, getting your financial house in order is going to allow your student to receive even larger scholarships. Colleges have what’s considered blind admission: they’re not going to look at your financial house, they’re going to look at the whole picture. So the student being a genius and you having your financial house in order–by the way, it must be done the second semester of the sophomore year and the first semester of the junior year–that is when success happens.

The importance of a balanced college list is critical if you would like money. What do I mean think about this: if a student is underqualified, they’re not going to get money. If they’re overqualified they’re going to get huge money. They want students to wow them and they’re happy to pay for them. Remember college is a business, their Alumnis have deep pockets, and we help students find that money with their standout strategy, helping them compete and be successful amongst all of the other students.

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