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The Top 3 Things That Will Get You A Big Scholarship

Hello, Shellee Howard back with another video for students and parents. First off, thanks so much for your feedback about this video series. I’m glad you find the content helpful! In this video, I talk about the “Top 3 Things That Will Get You A Big Scholarship”.

The first item to getting the very big scholarships is having a “Balanced College List”. It’s key to understand which colleges are generous with their scholarships. How will you know? Well, this is not something you can find on the search engines. Google doesn’t know but I know! After 15 years of doing this, I can identify which schools are the most generous with their scholarship money. Picking the right college is the quickest way to the big scholarship.

The second biggest thing in getting the big scholarship is “Standing Out. Everybody I talk to have done some kind of tutoring. They get so excited when they tell me how many hours they’ve spent tutoring. But then I have to let them know that every student that I talk to does tutoring. I ask them “How will they stand out?”” We teach students how to have a “Passion with Purpose” project that is unique. This is a game changing project that will stand out and get them noticed and get them those massive scholarships.

The third big thing that will get you a huge scholarship is utilizing a tool like we have that gives an edge when it comes to analysis. We have our own tool, based on our own hard-earned intellectual property, that lets us see where the generous schools are. We can tell how much money that the students have received in the past. We know that GPA and the test scores they need to be competitive in order to receive the large scholarships.

Use the button on this page to schedule a call today to learn more. The time is now to take action on that “Passion Project” and to start getting your ducks in a row to get that big scholarship. Make an appointment now and we’ll talk about your specific situation.

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