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The Critical Test Scores You Must Have To Get Into Top Colleges

Hello, Shellee Howard here at College Ready and I have for you a video, “The Critical Test Scores You Must Have To Get Into The Top Colleges”.

There are important things the applicant should know regarding test scores and getting into college. Before covid, testing was just part of the process. Then Covid hit, and many schools went optional. Some have pivoted back to test-required, some are test-blind. So where does that leave you the student and the family? You get to decide! Do you want to only apply to schools that are test optional, or do you want to keep your options open? I highly recommend you test prep, and test strategize, know the test score you need to be successful and get into your dream school. Then take a practice test to get that score. Now, you’re ready to take a real test.

The PSAT is a critical piece to this process. It is really the first time colleges get to see your testing ability. Don’t take it lightly, strategizing your test plan will definitely help you have your highest score. What do I mean by this? Often students will say, “Well, I didn’t get the score I wanted” and I will ask them “Did you prep?”, and they’ll say “Of course I did!” and I’ll ask “How did you do it?” Then we find out that they really just kind of looked at a few practice questions. They did not test-strategize. Prepping is more than just tutoring. It is working with a strategist to help them beat the time, help them to understand the prompt, and how to get rid of two of the answers. It gives them a competitive advantage all the way through college, even on the MCAT and the LSAT. Prepping with a strategist, a professional, will make all the difference in the world. Absolutely.

Students should not take as many tests as possible. It’s the equivalent to throwing darts at a dart board and missing completely. Colleges want to see the student, and they want to see their best test score. If they continue to just test, the score may go up. It may go down. You definitely do not want that score to go down. You want to show colleges your very best. Therefore, have a strategy, know when to take it, how to take it, where to take it, how many times to take it and when to call it over. It is important to know what that strategy is before you take your real test.

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