The College Ready Plan

What makes our program successful:

– Custom stand out strategy by a Certified College Consultant -Custom student portal with students custom strategy and timeline

– Communication via telephone, text, email, and Zoom
– Meetings are online via zoom unless in-person is requested by the student
– Family meetings 2x’s a year for parents who want the update
– Quarterly meetings prior to the Junior year, then monthly, and then weekly as needed – Open communication encouraged
– Post-meeting recording available to parents with follow up notes
– All Community service hours can be certified by College Ready
– The opportunity to earn 8 National Awards
– Understand the PSAT and how to use it to your advantage
– Consult on how to order transcripts, defer, get off the waitlist, financial reconsideration – College Match
– College Search
– Custom made templates to save time and money
– Provide a list of recommended colleges
– Rank colleges, Reach / Comfort / Safety
– Ability to utilize the best essay editors
– Compare and analyze financial aid packages
– Financial strategy to calculate and reduce your EFC if desired
– FAFSA and CSS profile consultation
– Free FAFSA strategy list / recommendations
– Free meeting with a College Ready tax advisor
– Free access to the College Ready Debt Free plan
– Free access to the Passion with Purpose Masterclass
– Free access to monthly webinars
– Free access to private Social media group membership with weekly updates

-Free copy of “How to send your student to college without losing your mind or your money”

Our focus is on the students Stand Out strategy:

-4-year academic plan – rigor strategy with a backup plan
– GPA evaluation with recommendations to become College Ready
– Test strategy and timeline
– Free Diagnostic SAT and ACT test with comparison and evaluation with recommendations – Test prep strategy and Strategist recommendations
– Step by step how to start/lead a Passion with Purpose Community Service project
– Passion evaluation / Global thinking / Opportunity for a National Service project
– Leadership training via the Passion with Purpose project and points evaluation
– Essay Strategy
– Application action plan
– Application deadline organizer
– Strategy to get the best “recommenders” to write your letters of recommendation
– Discovery session – gifts, talents, passions
– Honors and Awards evaluation with recommendations to become College Ready
– Extracurricular commitment and evaluation to become College Ready
– Educational Preparation Programs – Enrichment, Summer Academics or Special Programs – Other coursework recommendations – Dual Enrollment, College Classes etc.
– Work experience recommendations
– Internship strategy – Career planning – Sample letter provided
– Research strategy – Sample letters provided
– Interview prep and mock interviews
– Summer strategy
– College interest strategy – Academic fit, Social fit, Financial fit
– College Tour plan – Showing interest
– Tutoring recommendations – how to plan and stay organized
– How to pick a major – strategy for each college if necessary
– Resume building software – recommendations and samples
– Career exploration

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