Money Mistakes When Paying For College

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The Biggest Money Mistakes Almost All People Make When Paying for College

Welcome back to the College Ready video series. In this video, Shellee Howard addresses questions about FAFSA and tips for different school scholarships.

Parents often ask me, “Who should complete the FAFSA?” My answer is always the same regardless of what money you make or don’t make- if you want any type of scholarship, you need to complete the FAFSA.

It is a mistake to assume that you make too much money to complete the FAFSA. Unless you want to leave scholarships on the table, you need to complete the FAFSA regardless of what you do or don’t make: a lot of it has to do with where your assets are held.

It is true that the biggest money comes from the schools themselves! Picking the right college list, having your reach, comfort and safety schools, generous (and if you want, stingy schools) it is important that you understand picking the right school equals the biggest scholarships.

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