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How Soon Should I Start? Starting Now Is The Best Move By Far!

Welcome back to the College Ready video series! In today’s video, Shellee Howard tells you about the ideal starting time for the college admissions process, and when your student is most ready for the resources available at College Ready.

Starting early with your student is a critical piece to their success! The more they feel that they can discuss their future with you, the family, the more questions they can ask, the more support they will feel.

I often get asked: “When is the best time to start?” I’ve met with families of preschoolers, I’ve met with families of middle-schoolers. Ultimately, the best time to start is when they promote from eighth grade. Why? Because at that point, they are making decisions that will affect their future.

As a parent, you can do so much to support your child through this process. Remember, they’re teenagers. They don’t have it all figured out. They may think they do, but we both know they don’t. What you can do at this point is support them. Bring in resources like College Ready, where we can help them navigate the process, advise on when to do community service, where to do it, how to prep, and when to prep. All of these resources are available to our families, which will ultimately support your student and their success.

Waiting and procrastinating in the college admissions process can be devastating. Unfortunately, I know this firsthand: I get students and their parents who call up and say, “I think we’re too late”, or “I think we’ve made mistakes. Can they be fixed?” The longer you wait to prepare for college, the harder it’s going to be on your family.
The sooner you can start talking about things like ‘What is a good fit?’, ‘What is your passion?’, ‘What is important to you?’, ‘Where do you wanna go, and what kind of career?’ Now, let’s be realistic. You’re the parent, so they may not even hear you, but as a Certified College Consultant, they tell me exactly what they want to do and exactly where they want to go, because my only job is to get them there. That is the importance of meeting them where they’re at and supporting them so they know they can come to you with questions.

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Yes, College Ready has a plan for your family! Watch this video now.

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