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 As a best-selling author and award-winning international speaker, Shellee Howard is available for speaking engagements, virtual presentations, podcasts and media interviews. Shellee looks forward to sharing her experience and expertise with parents, students or educators at public and private schools, as well Parents’ Clubs or at PTA meetings.

Her topics include:

How to Get Your Child Into Their Dream College and Graduate Debt Free:

–       Timeline for success

–       Activities – Honors – Awards Needed

–       Learn how to lower cost of college (EFC)

What Colleges are Looking or and How to Help Your Child Stand Out:

–       How to Create a Stand Out Strategy

–       The 7 most important thing you must do

–       How to find your students’ passion

What Really Matters in Picking the Right College (Academically, Socially, and Financially)

–       How to find the best college fit

–       How to pick the best major & career

–       Where to find the best and biggest scholarships

How to Send Your Student to College Without Losing Your Mind or Your Money:

–       When to start planning

–       Common mistakes families make

–   Understanding the FAFSA & CSS profile


To Book Shellee, please contact her at:
(949) 235-7350
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