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Shellee Howard, CEO of College Ready

Helping students get into their dream college and graduate with little or no debt.

As a Certified Independent College Strategist and Counselor, Shellee empowers middle and high school students—and their parents—by navigating them through the complexities of college admissions. She specializes in crafting a unique Stand Out Strategy that catapults students into their optimal college choice—with little or no debt, while giving them essential skills to flourish once admitted.

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Shellee Howard Is A Dynamic Speaker And Acknowledged Expert In The Field Of College Admissions Consulting

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Speaking topics for Shellee Howard appearances

The following four speaking topics are currently available:

How to get your child into their dream college and graduate debt-free.

Timeline for success
Activities ~ Honors ~ Awards needed
Learn how to lower the cost of college (EFC)

What colleges are looking for and how your child can stand out.

How to have a Stand Out Strategy
The 7 most important things you must do
How to find your students’ passion

What really matters in picking the right college? (Academically, Socially,
and Financially)

How to find the best College fit
How to pick the best major & Career
Where to find the best and biggest Scholarships

How to send your student to College without losing your mind or your money!

When to start planning
Common mistakes families make
Understanding the FASFA & CSS Profile

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Quotes from Shellee Howard

Quotes From Shellee

  • “My mission it to help one-million students get into college and graduate debt free.”
  • “College is the stepping stone into a child’s future. If planned properly, the student will attend the best college for them, graduate in four years debt free and have a job waiting for them. Setting them up for a great start!”
  • “When my son got accepted into Harvard and had no debt when he graduated, it changed his life. He was brought up as a middle class boy in California. His first job out of Harvard was $106,000 a year.
  • “Starting a life without college debt allows students to buy their first car, establish credit, buy their first home and live without the stress of debt.”
  • “College Ready offers an all-inclusive strategy. Every element of planning for college is important. If you do not understand everything that is needed to be successful, you can not make an informed decision. We cover EVERYTHING with your family! We offer custom strategy sessions and are here for your whole family whenever you need us. We focus on the the whole student…. what is your student passionate about? What makes them unique? What are their gifts? Why they want to go to college? What do they want to major in? Choice of career/salary? What motivates them and how do we tap into it? We also help families understand that they do not need to go into debt to send their student to college. Knowledge from our financial team allows the family to make educated decisions before your student applies.”
Shellee Howard Bio

Shellee Bio

Shellee Howard, President

Shellee Howard is the Founder and CEO of College Ready and CR Tutoring and Test Strategies. She is a college graduate and is a Certified Independent College Strategist. She is a best-selling author, a member of HECA (ethics organization), and a member of SOFA (Society of Financial Awareness).  Shellee is a mother of 4 young adults.  Her oldest son graduated from Harvard in 2016 debt free and graduated from UC San Diego Medical school in 2021.  He will be completing his Orthopedic Surgeon Residency at UCLA.  Her oldest daughter attended the University of Alabama and CBU and graduated debt free with her BSN in 2020 and received her RN in 2021.Her youngest son is attending SFSU majoring in Film Production.  Her youngest daughter is a Senior and will be looking to attend college as a business major internationally.

Shellee has traveled around the world helping students create their “Stand out Strategy”. She knows what it takes to compete in the Top tier schools as well as find the best-fit college for all students. Shellee believes that no two students are the same and each student must have their own strategy and plan to be successful. Each student has a gift/talent and a passion that will set him or her apart from their competition. Getting to know your student one on one is the key to success. This can be done in person or via Zoom. College Ready has clients all over the USA and each one is important. Her focus is to find the best academic, financial and social fit college for each student to thrive at and graduate debt free!

Students From College Ready Families Have Been Accepted At These Fine Colleges.

Your Student Can Too, And Often With Big Scholarships And Grants!

College Admission Consultants Bring Great Returns


“College Ready helped our daughter get acceptance letters from 10 schools. 3 of them were full ride offers! It was an investment in our daughter’s future that we will treasure forever.”

Janell M., Proud Parent of a College Student

“Shellee Howard and College Ready has made the college process stress free! Shellee simplified the process with a strategic plan that was so easy to follow. It really put our son at ease. Thank you.”

Lisa Baker, Parent Of A High School Student

“Thanks to the College Admissions Conselors, not only did my daughter get into the University Of Southern California, she also got a scholarship and grant money. College Ready already paid for itself!”

Barry C., Lawyer and College Ready Parent

“It’s priceless! Shellee and her team have been such a great match for our family. They’ve guided us through all the details of college preparation and the application process. We especially enjoy the friendly dynamic, all of the different workshops, and the productive one-on-one meetings that we get.”

Michelle C., A Parent of a Freshman College Student

“The personalized attention is beyond what I had expected. They got to know me and find my perfect college match. They researched colleges and offered me choices I would never have considered. The info wasn’t found in my research & was valuable when applying for grants & scholarships.”

Thomas T., University of Alabama Scholarship Recipient

“College Ready and their team were the ultimate guide for our daughter (and for us) in all aspects of the college selection, application and preparation process. They delivered spot-on advice and guidance the whole way and they were so easy to work with. I can’t recommend them enough.”

Mike D., Proud Father and Client of College Ready

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