We believe in a plan to take away the overwhelm.

Do you have a customized strategic plan for your child’s college applications?

At College Ready, we know that no “off-the-shelf” college application plan is as effective as a complete strategic plan that is customized specifically for your family. The College Ready difference is that we understand your family’s “big picture”. Watch as Shellee Howard, Founder & CEO of College Ready explains what kind of plans are offered by College Ready.

Our advice is formed around both the student and the parent. Yes, of course, we take into account the academic picture when it comes to your child. We get to understand their strengths and weaknesses. We work with them to understand their goals and advise them on selecting a major and study programs. That’s what we call “Academic Fit”. On top of that, of course, we look for what would be a great fit for him or her in terms of social aspects such as location, lifestyle, student class size, types of extracurricular activities that are available, etc. That’s what we call “Social Fit”. And, for those student athletes out there, we check for “Athletic Fit” in terms of sports programs, facilities, and opportunities. Finally we check in closely with the parent to understand the financial picture. We work with the parents on aspects such as scholarships. This is what we call “Financial Fit”. It’s all part of what makes College Ready so unique.

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At College Ready, we customize everything to suit your family’s needs. Talk to us today to learn which of our plans is best for you. Depending on how hands-on you wish to be and what level of interaction would be right for you  (private 1-on-1 versus group meetings), we’ll tailor the perfect college application plan for you.

College Ready Plan Features

Your family deserves the College Ready Difference.

An important message to parents of 6th to 12th graders: At College Ready, we believe that every element of planning for your child’s college admission journey is crucial. We don’t want you to miss out on any important advantages that could affect your student’s success in getting admitted. That’s why we offer an all-inclusive strategy that covers EVERYTHING, so your application is outstanding. We provide strategy sessions that are customized specifically for your needs. Our individualized support for your whole family is there whenever you need us.

Our college admissions counselors will get to know your child on many fronts. At College Ready, we focus on the whole student. Why? It’s because we want to know what your student is passionate about and find those things that make them stand out. We’ll highlight their special gifts and make sure to highlight them in their college applications. We talk with them and find out why they want to go to college, what subjects they want to major in, and what their career goals are.

We will work hard to get to know your son or daughter as an individual. This is the College Ready difference.

You don’t need to go into debt to send your child to college. That’s why our financial team provides valuable knowledge to help families make educated decisions before their student even applies.

At College Ready, we’re here to support you and your child in every step of the college application journey.

Students From College Ready Families Have Been Accepted At These Fine Colleges.

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Featured Testimonial: “…They care more about the student that anyone we met, including the High School staff”

“College Ready is more than just a College Consulting business. They care more about the student that anyone we met including the High School staff. They helped our daughter, pick the best class schedule with rigor in her best subjects, they put together a custom testing plan, guided us through the most amazing Passion Project and helped us navigate which extra curricula’s and leadership activities were worth the time investment. College Ready was an investment in our daughter’s future we will treasure forever!” ~Janell M., Parent

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“We can’t say enough about our experience with Shellee and her team of college advisors at College Ready.”

Mona B.

“I would have been lost without this book and College Ready. Having international options gave me so many opportunities.”

Francesca B.

“This workbook is amazing. If you follow the book, you will no longer feel overwhelmed or stressed. You will feel in control and excited.”

Grace J.

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Our strategic plans for the College Application Process work! We are delighted to report that we've placed our students at over 166 colleges, often with big scholarships and grants. Credit, of course, always goes first to the hard-working students and their supportive families! We're proud to guide you through your college admission journey as part of your team.

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