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Our unique family-focused college admission services have helped over 2,600+ students get admitted to their top college choices. Watch this video to learn how we do it.

At College Ready, we pride ourselves on giving both students and parents the 1-on-1 attention that it takes to tailor a truly effective college application strategy that works for the entire family. Did you know that students spend more time with us in one session than with their high school counselor in 4 years? No wonder over 97% of our students get accepted by one of their top 3 college choices!

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Academic Plans

We build a custom 4-year academic plan for your student. We evaluate every class your student takes and make suggestions on AP, IB, and honors classes. Everything we do is custom to your student’s needs. If they are excelling in a subject, we recommend a plan of action for the future. If they are struggling in a subject, we teach them strategies to be successful. We help every student be the best they can be.

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Financial Strategy

We help you plan how your family will pay for college. We work with you to understand that the price tag you see on a college’s website is not the real price and figure out your family’s EFC (Expected Family Contribution). We show you how to file your FASFA. Every family should fill out the FASFA, and we can explain why. We offer financial workshops so that your family can plan for the future.

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Essay Editing

We are your Essay Editor. Your student will work directly with a professional admissions essay editor. Every essay that your student writes will be edited by a professional who will make recommendations before it is sent into the college. We offer sessions on writing the perfect “college application essay”, to ensure that your student demonstrates their unique qualities.

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Test Strategy

We take the fear out of test preparation! We will recommend the best testing strategy for your student. When should your student test prep? How should your student test prep? When should they take the Subject tests? When should they take the AP exams? Is the ACT or the SAT better for your student? How many times should they take the tests? All of these are key considerations to ensure success.

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Application Submission

We counsel students on leadership opportunities and community service projects to enhance their college applications. We work with them to build on their strengths and help them stand out on their college applications. Not all leadership opportunities are weighed the same in the application process. Quality is better than quantity, and putting together both short and long-term plans will make a big difference.

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Passion Project

Not all community service projects or initiatives have the same level of impact. We require two hundred hours of community service in the form of a Passion Project. We will help you to find your passion as well as use that passion to make a difference in your community or beyond. It is no longer enough to have a high GPA and test scores. Colleges are looking for well-rounded students who will add value to their college.

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Featured Testimonial: “…College Ready goes over and above.”

“Our daughter is now in her second semester at USC where she received the President’s Scholarship. She called me last week to tell me Shellee stopped by to take her to lunch and see how she was doing! College Ready goes over and above what you may expect.” ~Trish D., Parent

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I am very satisfied with her service. Definitely worth it. I am so glad I came to College Ready during my 8th-grade year! Their team made applying for colleges so much easier! They helped me stay organized as well as set high and achievable goals. Thank you to the College Ready team for making this process so enjoyable!!!”

Makena O.

“I cannot say enough great things about Shellee Howard and her team of professionals at College Ready. Our daughter is on track, stress-free and excited about this process of applying to colleges. The College Ready team has successfully prepared her, supported her, held her accountable and so much more.”

Lisa B., Laguna Niguel

“We highly recommend Shellee and her team! We knew we had many things to think about when it comes to college planning. After meeting with Shellee, we realized that we didn’t know the half of it. She worked with our child to come up with a plan, calendar, motivation, and workshops to help the process along.”

Shon K., Brea, CA

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