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Shellee and Michael discuss:

– The struggle a lot of parents deal with when their teenagers are addicted to digital screens and video games
– As a parent who dealt with this in his own kid, created a summer program for teenagers where they reset. It is a month long program where they have group therapy, individual therapy, teach them how to cook, do their laundry, go to the beach and have a lot of fun but they are detoxed from screens and learn what life is like once they leave home.
– The 8 signs your teen have screen addiction

About Michael: Michael Jacobus is an internationally renowned Camp Director and youth development specialist. With a passion for empowering young minds, he founded Reset Summer Camp to combat the challenges of screen addiction
after witnessing its impact on his own family. As a parent who once dealt with a gaming-addicted child, Michael’s journey makes him a relatable advocate. Reset Summer Camp offers an immersive clinical program on a university campus, blending a summer camp atmosphere with therapy to help participants detox and develop vital life skills. Michael and his dedicated team are on a mission to create a healthier, more balanced future for our youth.

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Website- https://www.resetsummercamp.com

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LinkedIn- https://www.linkedin.com/company/reset-summer-camp

Instagram: @resetsummer

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