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Kelsey and Shellee will discuss:

– The importance of students assessing their strengths and passions early in high school so they get ideas of what they want to do in their life. Use summer break to sign up for programs that will give you insight on career paths you are interested in.
– Kelsey helps lead a summer program for students. The students go on college campus for 8 days to learn what to expect once they leave for college. It is such a transformative experience! Apply on website-
– High schoolers need mentors to help them navigate big choices in life.

About Kelsey: Kelsey Pearson is a DMV (DC, Maryland, and Virginia) Native, she grew up in Northern Virginia. She was a School Counselor for 7 years in Loudoun County and Alexandria City. This was her 9th summer with the National Student Leadership Conference. Kelsey Pearson holds her Bachelor’s in Human Services from the University of Delaware. Additionally, she has her Master’s degree in School Counseling from The George Washington University and her Administration and Educational Leadership certificate from George Mason University. Kelsey now works full-time with the NSLC as a Site Director in the summer and Associate Director of Educator Relations for the Northeast throughout the year! Kelsey is passionate about developing young leaders, the college process (including athletic recruitment), and hearing people’s stories. Kelsey understands the importance of combining social and academic needs and opportunities to enhance the young student’s student life. Some of her hobbies include being creative through scrapbooking and being active by running or playing basketball. In college, she played D1 basketball and was the team captain. To Kelsey leadership is inviting others else to be the best version of themselves to reach a team goal.

Connect with Kelsey:

Instagram- @kelseyypearson

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