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Insider Secrets To Get Into Top Colleges Using Scholarships

Welcome back to the College Ready video series. In today’s video, Shellee Howard addresses insider tips, which scholarships to apply for, and the importance of essays.

There ARE insider secrets to getting into college and getting the biggest scholarships. The first one is: start now, don’t wait! The sooner the better- you don’t have to wait until your senior year, you can start applying for scholarships now, and they give scholarships for just about anything and everything. The hard part is knowing the good ones.

College ready can lead you to where the brilliant scholarships are- not the little scholarships. We want you to be successful. We want you to have the opportunity to graduate debt free. Starting sooner than later is ultimately the first secret to success.

You CAN avoid bait-and-switch scholarships. What I’m talking about are scholarships, the ones online, that say get a million dollar scholarship, get a thousand dollar scholarship. For a student, it sounds like free money. So what do they do? They tell them you own a house, they tell them you own a home, and all of sudden you’re getting blown up with spam! Because unfortunately, they’re just looking to find out your family’s finances to offer you to maybe refinance your home. 

So how do you avoid that? You only allow your student to apply to scholarships that you have vetted. At College Ready we have real scholarships that we can recommend to all of our families, and you don’t need to wait, you can start right now. But please be careful: use a separate email address and know that if there’s no essay attached, there’s probably no money attached either. Essays are so important when it comes to scholarships, because it weeds out all the students who don’t want to do the work.

Essays are not easy but they are important. If a scholarship doesn’t have an essay, beware, be careful! You will look at all the scholarships and notice that all the ones that are over a thousand dollars require an essay. What does that tell you? They want you to work for the money. Utilize the essays that you wrote for your applications and change them and alter them, but ultimately use the essay to get you the big money. This past year our student won the Coca-Cola scholarship because of her essay. Essays are important.

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