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How Important Is The College Essay?

Hello, Shellee Howard answers the frequently asked question, “How important is the essay?”

Essays are critical to the college applicant’s success. An important thing to consider is that if a school is really test-optional, we’re down to just the GPA and the essay. Having an essay that will tell your student’s story, who they are, why they matter, their core values- that is going to link the admissions reader to your student and make them want to fight for their admissions.

Critical to their success is a strong essay. Answering the essay prompt is a critical piece to being successful- keep in mind most schools will have between five and 15 essays per application. This FLOORS parents! What’s important about that? Your student can’t write about one subject for every essay. We help students map out the essay prompts: here are your gifts, your talents, and your accomplishments. How are you going to answer the prompt, and let the college know who you are and why you matter? This is not an easy path, but College Ready can support you with a professional essay editor and help as you try to balance your way of letting colleges know about all of your success.

In the college application essay, it is critical that the student uses their own voice. Do not let an adult take over your essay. It is so important that that essay matches the application- if you’re a silly student, you need to be silly in your essay. If you’re intense, you need to be intense.

Colleges want to hear what’s important to you. What have you done? Why does it matter? That voice can only come from the experience that the student is trying to share.

That voice is what’s going to get you in and get you accepted, with big scholarships.

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