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The free College Ready Discovery Call will reveal how to get into your dream college and graduate debt-free without losing your mind or your money.

The bottom line is that, in 2023, SO MUCH has changed! There’s a new reality. It’s no longer just about your G.P.A. and your test scores. It is exciting if you are really prepared and “College Ready”. I’ll show you the most effective way to get your child into their dream college and get a full or partial scholarship, even if the test scores are not perfect and regardless of what your income is!

This is how my son went to Harvard for free. He graduated in four years debt free . . .  and his GPA and test scores were not perfect! It cost me $6475 to send him there. Total. That was the cost of his books.

That’s how my daughter went to Alabama and will graduate in four years debt free.

And we’ve helped hundreds of other stressed and busy moms and dads do the same with their kids. Watch my video to learn how we can discuss your family’s situation.

Hello, my name is Shellee Howard and I am the Founder and CEO of College Ready, and I am looking forward to meeting your family on our Discovery Call.

Choose a time that’s good for you and your child so that I can meet you. I am so excited to speak with you about your teenager’s future.

The college application process should be a time of celebration and not overwhelm or frustration.

I look forward to sharing with you the new rules of the college admissions process. What you do not know might cost your family time or money or, ultimately, success in your college application.

Also, I don’t think any family wants college debt.

I promise this Discovery Call will give you a ton of value. We will discuss your concerns and your questions about the college admissions process.

I will share what colleges are looking for in 2023 and beyond based on our insights with cases just like yours. I will show you the exact process our students used to earn over 10.7 million dollars in scholarships.

It is important that both parents and student be on the call. Why is this?

Because we need to get clear on what’s important to your family. Alignment is key.

Is your choice of college an academic fit, a social fit, and a financial fit? Are we aligned as to what we want and how to go and get it?

Book the call and we’ll send you some questions about your situation. Please fill out the questionnaire before the meeting so I can speak specifically to your family’s needs.

I look forward to our Discovery Call. We’ll both learn a lot!

Students From College Ready Families Have Been Accepted At These Fine Colleges.

Your Student Can Too, And Often With Big Scholarships And Grants!

The results prove the value of hiring a College Ready Counselor to help with your college application process!

During your Discovery Call, be sure to ask about the incredible success record of College Ready over the last 16 years and what it means to you. We’ll show you how we can bring big results for your family.

Higher admission rates

Compared to average college admission rates, our families enjoy five times higher admission rates!

Personal private clients

At College Ready, we’ve faithfully served over 900 wonderful, deserving students.

Ivy League School placements

Over 110 of our college placements at College Ready have been at Ivy League universities.

Million of merit aid received

Our students have been awarded $23+ million based on academic, athletic, artistic or special-interest merit.

% Completion of passion projects

With our guidance, 100% of College Ready students have completed a Passion with a Purpose project.

% of College Ready students

ALL of our College Ready students get into their best fit college!

% of College Ready students

Over 97% of our students get into one of their top three college choices!

% of College Ready students

More than 97% of College Ready students have earned full or partial scholarships

% of College Ready students

93% of College Ready students finish their degrees and graduate in four years.

Featured Testimonial: “…They make navigating through the college admission maze so much easier!”

“Shellee and her College Ready group are solid college admission and financial counselors. They take parents and students through every step of the college admission process, starting with academic rigor, test strategy, passion project, extracurriculars, leadership and the FAFSA. Our daughter is now in her second semester at USC where she received the President’s Scholarship. My daughter called me last week to tell me Shellee stopped by to take her to lunch and see how she was doing. College Ready goes over and above what you may expect. They make navigating through the college admission maze so much easier!” ~Trish D., Parent

College Admissions Counselors Are Worth The Investment


“This the second college counselor that we worked with and College Ready was by far the BEST! What was so helpful was that Shellee actually gave us some really great school options that we would never have thought of for our son. She told us what schools he could get scholarships from and she was 100% correct. Shellee was amazing in helping with the applications, essays and follow up. We are so happy with them that we have our daughter starting to work with them next!”

Amber G., Parent

“Shellee and the College Ready group are hard working, dedicated and completely ethical. Their honesty saved me a ton of time and frustration. The college I am attending was not on my original list and yet it is the perfect fit for me. Because of their guidance, my mom and I did not have to argue about this process and I enjoyed my last year at home.”

Sarah W., University Student

“The team at College Ready is so awesome! I started with them my Freshman year of high school and just signed my acceptance letter to Stanford! I still feel like I am dreaming. The process was made much easier by just following the College Ready strategy. If I had a question, I would just send a text and it was answered. The essay editing team and application team were incredible and I could not have been as successful without them. If I stick to our plan, I will graduate in 4 years debt-free! I will forever be grateful.”

Juliette R., Student

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