Early Decision vs. Regular Decision: Please join us for this College Ready Webinar

October 24 at 3pm PDT/6pm EDT

November 1st is just around the corner. Why is this important? Early Decision/Early Action deadlines for most schools are less than three weeks away. We want to help you understand that there is a difference between Early Decision vs. Regular Decision – and it will make a difference in your strategy. 

This is the most often asked question this time of year: Should my student apply to colleges Early Decision/Early Action?

– Regular Decision (RD) — For most colleges, January 1st is the deadline for RD. Students can apply to as many schools during RD as they want. (we do not recommend over 12)
– Early Action (EA) — November 1st is the deadline for most colleges that offer EA. Early action is essentially a “no strings attached” option to submit apps and hear back early. Beware that some colleges will only allow you to apply early to one college. 
– Early Decision (ED) — ED adheres to similar deadlines as EA. The key difference between ED and EA is that Early Decision is binding. This means that if a student applies to a school ED and gets accepted, they must go and will have to pay the sticker price.
– Early Action Restrictive (EAR) — Also known as Single-Choice EA, this is a variation of EA some top schools offer. If applying to a school EA Restrictive, students may not apply to any other school ED or EA, unless that EA school is a public school.

If this sounds like another language, be careful! When students hear “Early Decision” they say, YES I want a decision early. What they do not know will cost you.

The argument is that applying Early Decision increases your students chances of getting in. If you want to know the pros and cons of each decision, sign up for this Masterclass. It is not a lecture, it will be a discussion where you may ask your question and get an answer. No strings attached. 

It is our mission to help families get into college without losing their mind or money! If you are on the same mission for your family, please join me and let me help you understand what you may not know about the choice you make when strategizing for College Admission.

If you have a unique or special question that you do not want to share in the masterclass, please reply to this email and Shellee will personally reply with an answer to consider.
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