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Do Your Scholarships Qualify You For the Best Colleges?

Welcome back to the College Ready video series. In this video, Shellee Howard talks need-based and merit-based scholarships, and whether top-tier schools offer them.

Top colleges DO offer scholarships. Many people believe that the top tier schools do not, but what I will tell you is that when my son got into Harvard, College Ready was the reason he got the money. We helped financially negotiate for him. We helped prepare him for the answers for his interview.

Yes, College Ready can help your family get into the top tier schools and get the money. That is ultimately what our mission is. Getting money can be difficult if you don’t know where to look. It’s as if you did your own taxes, and didn’t know the tax code. Or, you sold your own home, and you didn’t know real estate. We at College Ready have so many years of experience between myself and my consultants, that you will have those years to benefit your understanding of which colleges are generous and which colleges are not.

Wouldn’t that be great to know before your student applied versus telling them “I’m sorry. I can’t afford it”? College Ready can show you the generous colleges, show you how to find the money, and how to ultimately get the best scholarships available. It ultimately will not matter to the university if your family has money or not because what’s important is if the student has done their hard work: their GPA, their test scores, their service, everything they need to stand out.

Colleges are going to want them and what happens when colleges want you is they come up with the money. So getting in, that’s sometimes more challenging than getting the big money. It’s applying to the right school and College Ready can show you. What is the GPA and test score needed before you apply? It will not matter if it’s need-based or merit-based, because we want it all and that is our goal for your family.

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