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Could Community College Be The Best Right Now Option For Your Student?

Welcome back to the College Ready video series. Today, Shellee Howard answers questions about community college, and the reasons why it may or may not be the right option for your student.

Community College can be an option for many students. The challenge is: is it right for your student?

Back in the day, Community College was an inexpensive way to start a college degree. Now we have some competitive challenges in front of us- students who want to go to a four-year school and start at a two-year Community College are often frustrated. They’re not used to being with students who are just getting by. They’re used to the competitive nature of competing in high school, and oftentimes feel frustrated by the lack of enthusiasm of the students in community college with them. Another thing is: state schools are now so overcrowded that they’re capping their units, which means those state school students are going and taking and fighting for those community college classes. The percentage of students who go on to complete a four-year degree is incredibly low, and I would caution you: before you consider that option, talk to the community college and ask them what their success rate is. It is good for some, but not for all.

Many people feel that going to a community college is risky. I often help families understand is it risky because they don’t want their child finding their significant other at community college? Is it risky because maybe they won’t get enough classes, then they go and get a job, make some money, and now don’t want to finish school? Is it risky because the student will not take it seriously? Or, is it really just risky because you want your child to have the full college experience? These are all risks that I would love families to think about before they decide that community colleges the best option.

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