I’d like to introduce myself and tell you how I came to be a College Consultant and expert in this area… Our goal is helping students be College Ready!

Getting to know the owner of College Ready

My name is Shellee Howard and I grew up in California.  I was the first child to go to college on both sides of my family; there was no guidance but I have a lot of determination.  Definitely NOT College Ready, I made every mistake possible.  It only took four years to graduate from college despite changing my major five times because I attended summer school and winter session.  Many costly mistakes were made and I promised myself that my children would not make them too. Instead, they would have a bulletproof plan.

Four days after I graduated from college, I started working in sales for Procter and Gamble and was fortunate to go through all of their first-class training programs.  I climbed right through the corporate ceiling in eight years and then had my children.  I dedicated myself to being the best mom I could be while still working part-time.

Fast forward to my son’s 8th grade year, and my story becomes more interesting…

Halfway through 8th grade at a public school, my son informs me that he would like to be a brain surgeon.  As a concerned mother, the pressure was intense and I had no idea how to help him!  We began the process with his soon to be high school counselor who told him, “Why would you want to go to school for that long and incur so much debt?”  I realized at that moment, I was on my own.  Feeling defeated, I put on my “mom” face and told him I would take care of it and just stay focused on getting good grades and finding his passion.

Fast forward to his senior year in high school:

Not only did my son listen to everything that was advised, he worked his plan.  He applied to twelve universities half being Ivy schools.  Of those he was accepted into eleven of them and of those, he received a free education at half of them.  After his list of acceptances was announced, I had people calling me and asking for a plan and advice.

At that point, I went back to college and got my college counseling certification from UCSD.  After working for a college consulting company for several years I decided to live my dream.  I founded College Ready, and have helped hundreds of students get into the college of their dreams debt free!

In fact, this year my daughter started in the Nursing program at the University of Alabama (her dream school) and my son graduated from Harvard debt free in four years.  He is now a second-year medical student attending UCSD medical school.  This is just a snapshot of my journey.

College Ready

We have helped hundreds of families all over the world get into and graduate from the college of their dreams debt free.  Desire is the key, if your student has it….. with planning and strategy, they will obtain it!  Every student is unique and comes with gifts, talents, and opportunities.  Together, we help families create a plan that allows the student to stand out and shine among their competition.  Our proven strategy is successful with students from Ivy League, to 3.3 students.  There is a perfect college waiting for your child and we will help you find it.

What you do not know will cost you, both in time and money.


Harvard Graduation 2016

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