With summer courses and camps canceled worldwide, many students find themselves stuck at home with nothing to do. Yes, this is sad, and we can choose to focus on that, but there will already be essays upon essays written about the heartbreak that quarantine brought. What can your student do this summer to set themselves apart from the rest? What can you do now, as a parent, to aid your student in flipping this negative into a positive? We are not talking about summer jobs, but a fulfilling summer. One that they can feel proud of and utilize as they move forward in their college process. We have compiled some tips and tricks for you, to help better navigate this summer, and what this might mean for the process.

Summer 2020 – Focus on what you CAN do, not what you CAN’T do:

First things first, we must redirect our attention from what was lost, onto what could be gained. Students without camps or jobs right now, are sitting on a goldmine of free time. Yes, there are lots of restrictions, and you may feel limited on what is actually available to do. The reality of the situation is they can do almost anything. No one has handled Covid-19 before so there are no rules, or guidelines set in place for what you can and can’t do. Don’t be afraid to push your student to leave the traditional. Now is the best time to try something new. This is the time to take an online class, start a blog/podcast/youtube, or pick up a new hobby.

Not sure what you CAN do? Click on this link to receive a free list of 100

things to do this summer.

Summer 2020 – Be a change maker:

Colleges want to see active, passionate, CHANGERS. First and foremost, colleges love to see leadership. Make sure you and your high schoolers are finding activities that they can lead in, or work up to leading in. The last thing colleges want to see is a pattern of picking up one activity, dropping it, picking up another activity, and dropping it. They want to see consistency, investment, and growth. Look at what activities your student has already invested in. Was it a sports camp that they no longer get to participate in? Take that sport, and turn it into a family class, or a socially-distanced activity for the kids in the neighborhood. Or maybe it was an art class, that they never got to finish. So many schools and companies are offering chances to competitively create. Get online, and start looking for opportunities to create, compete, and publish.

Summer 2020 – Get started:

Stuck on where to start with your college potential? Focus on what was left. What was left after all of the sports, shows, and clubs were canceled? What did they still gravitate towards? Did they dribble the ball in the backyard, well after the season was canceled? Did they continue to paint, after classes were let out? Look carefully for what they continued to do, even when they didn’t “HAVE” to.

Summer 2020 – Be in the know:

Be in the know about your student’s extracurricular! If they want to continue their practice into college, they have to put their all into it. That includes being in the know about the colleges they are applying to, and whatever information those schools provide regarding said extracurricular. Because of the pandemic, some colleges have even moved to drop some of their non-revenue generating programs and teams. Even if you already did your research, it is probably a good idea to continuously check as these things can change at any moment.

Summer 2020 – Make it worth your time and theirs:

The extracurriculars that your student writes on their college application, should be reflective of them as a whole. One good tip to achieve this is to make sure that it is worth their time and yours. If it is something they actually enjoy doing, that you are not wasting time and money forcing them to do, chances are it is probably something worth showing the school. Pay attention to their likes and interests. Even if they only like hanging out with their friends, and going to the beach- they can start a beach clean up crew or join one at school with their friends!

We know how daunting the college process can be, and we DEFINITELY know that Covid-19 has done nothing to ease the weight of it. That is why we here at College Ready are striving to create content and resources that will allow you, the parent, to take a breath. This can easily be a terrible process, but why subject yourself to that? We are here to help carry the load, and offer Certified College Counseling if you feel you need even more guidance.

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