How to Send Your Student to College Without Losing Your Mind or MoneyMs. Shellee Howard is the owner of College Ready is a certified college consultant who helps clients all over the world get into the college best suited for them.  Ms. Howard  has just released a new book.  “How to send your student to college without losing your mind or your money” became a #1 best seller in the first 24 hours it was released.

Ms. Howard first got the idea to write this book on the flight home to California after moving her son into the Harvard dorms.  As a proud mother of two, Ms. Howard wanted to help families all over the world accomplish their dream of going to college and graduating debt free.

If you or someone you know is planning to attend college within the next five years, this book is a must have.  Throughout the book Ms. Howard gives a strategy on how to not only get into a perfect matched college but also how to afford it.  She takes the fear out of planning for college.  The book is a valuable asset for any student entering high school thru getting into the perfect college without paying the sticker price

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