In this episode, Shellee and Beejel discuss:

  • Early financial education for your kids
  • Money fundamentals are the key to learning resilience
  • Getting your child through college without being in debt
  • Getting your kids interested in money basics and applying them


Key Takeaways: 

  • It is important that we look beyond our control to get ahead and give our children and teens the support they need to succeed. Since younger kids are more accepting of parenting suggestions, introducing the subject of money to them at an early age is a great way to ensure that by the time they are teenagers, they are much more intelligent and money-savvy than even most adults.
  • Through a solid understanding of money, children can be resilient and pivot to find something else if, later in life, they don’t succeed in their chosen fields.
  • There are so many resources out there to make money online and offline that doesn’t rob your child of learning about money. Simply taking advantage of these resources will allow them to develop a much better relationship with money for future success.
  • Your children should understand that if they want the best things in life, they will need to work hard to earn them. By opening the door to adult conversations in a light-hearted way that doesn’t feel intimidating or offensive, you will be able to get them interested in learning how money works.


“It isn’t just about the tactical aspect of wealth building. It’s about the beliefs, relationships, habits, and routines we have about money, and a lot of them are formed in our younger years, not in our adulthood – it gets formed even as young as four or five years old. ”  —  Beejel Parmar



About Beejel Parmar:  Beejel is the COO of  FUNancial Freedom, helping kids & teens make and manage money, and has 12+ yrs providing Virtual Assistant & Outsourcing Services. 

He helps and advises entrepreneurs and business owners on how to be more efficient (best use of time), and with aligned planning and productivity through a group coaching program and outsourcing, especially with their follow-up process.

His deep depth of experience comes from over a decade of experience growing a business from 100-500 virtual assistants, conducting over 3000 one-on-one consulting sessions, and speaking and training entrepreneurs all over the world.



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