Because the best fit makes a huge difference.

Our mission is to take away the overwhelm for both student and parent.

We picture a world where families are supported in the process of preparing for college. Our service is unique in that we focus not just on the student but also on the parents.


At College Ready, our team of college admission professionals is driven to help your child succeed both in college and in life. We plan individually with students and their families to create the perfect college match and financial fit for the entire family. Our focus is on your student and what he or she aspires to achieve.

We are Certified College Counselors from universities all across the United States with over 40 years of collective experience helping students just like your child get into the perfect college or university. We enjoy working with students of all ages and stages. Our goal is to help your student be the best they can be while graduating with little or no debt!

Meet our founder.

team shellee howard

Shellee is the Founder and CEO of College Ready, a college graduate, and a Certified Educational Planner. Her son graduated from Harvard in the spring of 2016 debt free! Her daughter attended the University of Alabama and completed the Nursing program at CBU, also debt free! Her passion is helping students all over the world get into the best possible college for them. 

Shellee has traveled around the world helping students plan for their “perfect match” college. She believes that no two students are the same and that each student must have their own strategy and plan to be successful. Each student has gifts and talents that will set him or her apart from their competition. 

Shellee has appeared on television and is frequently interviewed by newspapers and magazines. She has spoken on the topic of successful college admissions to audiences all over the world.

Learn about the College Ready Difference.

How are we different? The College Ready Plan is about making college admissions simple, reducing the overwhelm, and guaranteeing your return on investment. Most college counselors are focused on academics only. We know, from years of successfully placing students at over 165 colleges and universities, that schools need more. We find colleges and universities that are an academic fit, social fit AND financial fit.  

Here is how College Ready gives you more:

First, we focus on the student. We find out who they are and what their gifts, talents, and passions are.

Second, we create a custom Stand Out Strategy. We ask “What will set the student apart from their competition?” and create the strategy to highlight it.

Third, we find the perfect major and college. Our approach is fully customized and 100% successful.


You will get all this and more!

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Academic Strategy and Timeline


college ready icon 08 debt

College Ready Debt Free Financial Strategy


college ready icon 02 passion

Passion with Purpose Stand Out Strategy


college ready icon 09 leadership

Leadership Timeline and Accountability


college ready icon 03 essay

Essay Strategy and Timeline


college ready icon 10 where

Where to Find the Perfect Fit College


college ready icon 04 testing

Testing Strategy and Timeline


college ready icon 11 career

Career Choices and Future Plans 


college ready icon 05 application

Academic Strategy and Timeline


college ready icon 12 family

Expected Family Contribution Strategy


college ready icon 06 research

Research/Internship Strategy


college ready icon 08 debt

College Ready Debt Free Financial Strategy


college ready icon 07

Extracurricular Activities Strategy


college ready icon 13 opportunity

Opportunity to Earn 8 National Awards


College Ready Process: The Academic Elements

academic factors

College Ready Process: The Financial Elements

financial factors

Students From College Ready Families Have Been Accepted At These Fine Colleges.

Your Student Can Too, And Often With Big Scholarships And Grants!

Featured Testimonial: “…They care more about the student that anyone we met, including the High School staff”

“College Ready is more than just a College Consulting business. They care more about the student that anyone we met including the High School staff. They helped our daughter, pick the best class schedule with rigor in her best subjects, they put together a custom testing plan, guided us through the most amazing Passion Project and helped us navigate which extracurriculars and leadership activities were worth the time investment. College Ready was an investment in our daughter’s future we will treasure forever!” ~Janell M., Parent

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“My daughter is living her Ivy League dream, attending Columbia University in the fall. In a year when her  friends received so many rejections, my daughter, was fortunate to receive multiple Ivy League and top school offers. She then was able to pick which school was best for her. Had I not found Shelley at College Ready I know we’d not have had the same high acceptance rates.”

Jordan C.

“Chose College Ready on a recommendation and the guidance received did not disappoint. Beginning my daughter’s sophomore year in high school, College Ready had a plan for my daughter to meet her goals while keeping her on track and accountable for all three years. Desired result achieved. Well worth the investment in your child’s future.”

Jody G., La Palma

“College Ready was recommended to me by one of my son’s friends. When it came time to pick his colleges, Shellee’s experience was invaluable and a life saver. He applied to 12 colleges, got into 10 and received financial aid offers for $1,344,000.00!!! He will be able to graduate debt free and we will not have to take money out of our retirement. We are forever grateful for College Ready’s help!”

Cheryl B., Parent

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Our strategic plans for the College Application Process work! We are delighted to report that we've placed our students at over 166 colleges, often with big scholarships and grants. Credit, of course, always goes first to the hard-working students and their supportive families! We're proud to guide you through your college admission journey as part of your team.

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