Putting the pieces together

  • Link your student’s strengths and develop areas of opportunity.
  • Put all the pieces together focusing on GPA, test scores, community service, and leadership to show the student is well rounded and a strong candidate for every school they are interested in.
  • Help our students to find their passions and to plan their resumes around them.


Test prep support
  • Linking with community partners.
  • SAT vs ACT analysis and plan for success
Guidance with the application process & college essays
Financial/FASFA analysis & EFC plans

What you do not know..... may cost you

We can help you plan for your future and prepare now so you will not be in debt later.

Questions To Ask Yourself?

  • Do you know what colleges are looking for in a student?
  • Do you know what type of college or university your student will be successful at?
  • Do you know what makes a college application essay different from a test essay?
  • Do you know what your EFC (expected family contribution) will be?

We have a 100% success rate of getting our students into 4 year colleges. We offer a college match program that allows our students to know their chances of getting into a college before they apply. We offer global assistance and work with students all over the world.